Why? – Manifesto

Why do I do this?

Here is my Manifesto

(including my Safeguarding, Child Protection, Diversity and Inclusion Policies)

Could Be The Moon believes that…

  • all children,  young people – and all human beings – have a voice and a right to be heard
  • writing can be gardening, as well as weeding
  • writing should make language once again peculiar and special, helping us treasure the magic of language (and it is magic)
  • writing should value the Other Voice, the skewed angle and the unexpected narrator
  • a writer should aim to make things happen in writing that can only happen in writing
  • if puns are good enough for Shakespeare, then they are good enough for us
  • writing’s potential lies in its ability to expand and explore the reaches of our imagination, and the limits of the language through which we express it
  • the way we speak about the world can change the world
  • creative writing and expression can and should be a safe, fulfilling and exciting way to find your voice, explore your identity and discover possibilities for your future
  • in creating safe spaces to use language imaginatively, in which young people of all abilities, ethnic origins, religious beliefs, genders, physical abilities, or any other kind of difference can thrive and feel empowered
  • that embedding a cornucopia of cultural influences through our work is central to making it relevant to all
  • by writing together, we can learn to embrace and celebrate our own and each other’s delightful differences and excellent eccentricities.

To fulfil these beliefs, Could Be The Moon will: 

  • always take steps to safeguard the physical and emotional wellbeing of all young people (and all people involved in our activities)
  • keep an up-to-date DBS certificate with Update Service to facilitate more efficient background checking on projects/placements
  • familiarise ourselves with a school or establishment’s own Safeguarding and Child Protection Policies, where they exist
  • be aware of the signs of physical, emotional, sexual abuse, and neglect – (in both children and adults)
  • report all concerns or disclosures to the appropriate person (LADO or member of staff, depending on context) in a timely manner.

One Comment

  1. Morning Caleb.
    I’ve just found you in The Rialto and I’d like to tell you I’m energetically applauding you from a safe distance. It was an accidental encounter in Oxfam that has led in several exciting directions, and I’m busy gleaming under a grey sky.
    I send a big thank you and all best wishes


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