Buzz Words and the Bee Ceilidh at Green Man

Buzz Words and the Bee Ceilidh at Green Man

I’m very excited about Green Man, Einstein’s Garden where I’ll be running my Buzz Words workshops on Friday at 11am and Saturday at 10.30, as well as hosting the BEE CEILIDH on Sunday afternoon at 4pm on the Solar Stage…

See you there for some apian antics.

The science of poetry, the poetry of science

The science of poetry, the poetry of science

I found this article by Ruth Padel a few days ago and just got around to reading it.

If there was to be an ethos behind my writing of weekly science-poems, this could very well be it.

“What oft was thought, but ne’er so well express’d” – as, I think (and I know it’s done and done), Alexander Pope wrote. That feels like the case here – I certainly couldn’t have written it so eloquently and informed-ly!

So thanks for clarifying my intention in these writing endeavours, Ruth – for that clarity (with all the attendant and joyous uncertainty, or ‘Negative Capability’) is surely what writing can do.