Trunk Career

I like the idea of a ‘Portfolio Career’: something dainty, portable and dynamic…


Less this…

At the moment, though, I’m coining the term ‘Trunk Career’…


More this…

Diversifying doesn’t cover it – and there are no trunk-bearers but me – but it’s all good stuff.

I’ve just started two new writing groups, one with Off The Record Bristol and one for Keystones Mental Health Support. Looking forward to seeing these develop.

Also, I’ve commenced a series of coaching sessions through Creative Industries Finance to develop my  creative writing facilitation with different client groups into a full-time business. So far, it seems it’s going to be immensely useful.

And finally, I’ve been appointed freelance Membership Secretary for Lapidus: The Writing for Wellbeing Organisation – which is a great opportunity to support the organisation’s work and meet like-minded writing practitioners.

I’m also tutoring, and other projects and endeavours are brewing, but I’ll save them for a later post!

NaPoWriMo 2015.6: Allegiance

Folly Footbridge – as mentioned in my ‘aubade’ (morning poem). Image googled, from

NaPoWriMo catch-up…and wrote an ‘aubade’…

A particular remembrance of a winter morning, leaving the boat and heading to the car – which oddly seems more vivid in relation to this bright, summery day…

This exhibit has been removed for polishing…


NaPoWriMo 2.2: Ekkimu in the Reduced Section

Now 49p.


Today’s NaPoWriMo prompt is to write something based on mythology that isn’t Greek or Roman. On my web-travels, I discovered Ekkimu – who is not very nice: a kind of zombie-vampire (zombpire? vambie? actually, that sounds cute) who feeds on the pain of the living. It’s perhaps even worse than the kind that feeds on blood, or on flesh.

So I wrote a poem as an Ekkimu, which is in development…


NaPoWriMo 23: A Triolet for Entropy

The Universe loves things to get more disordered. (So most of us fit right in – We Are Stardust!)

I’m running on a slightly altered NaPoWriMo timetable, or flexi-time, if you will: there’s a Welcome and a Blessing brewing for Sunday, from earlier prompts. But as I’ve slightly stumbled on these – and am going to return to them – I thought I’d try out a triolet from today’s NaPoWriMo prompt.

Looking around for some inspiration, I found this article about entropy and intelligence – which slightly blew my mind. In essence, this is about the idea that the Universe tends towards a more disordered state – and that by applying this idea to some models, they become analogous to what happens when ‘intelligent’ beings are involved. That we, as intelligent (supposedly) beings, are also inherently entropic. Apparently, even the evolution of walking may be relevant in this system. Roll on the bedlam!

I think that’s what it means, anyway. Although I suggest you read it yourself, as the reporter clearly knows what they’re talking about a lot more than this poet.

And to celebrate this un-knowledge of our inherent entropy, I wrote an orderly triolet…