NaPoWriMo 2.27: Opportunity

“The shelves around his office are full of shiny awards, shrivelled words. “


Number twenty-seven and off-prompt. Something inspired by a news story from today and what must still be a commonplace practice in ‘Showbiz’ and too many other career paths, I daresay.

I used a random picture generator to find me something inspiring and found some empty shelves. And that’s where this came from…




The shelves around his office

are full of shiny awards,

shrivelled words. So much so,

they flex, bow. Not with the weight

of the hollow gold men, or the jagged

cut-glass shapes from this Academy

or that Authority. But with phrases

like, Well guess who I know…

or Sure, I’ll make the intro,



These shelves, where he stored

up lines on the wall. Clawed

his way up brutal ladders. Line

after line. Practiced until polished.

Polished until perfect as his Brasso

teeth. Line after line. Polished until shin-

ing. Again. Again. Again.


Polished, until you can almost see

projecting back from each of them

some other seized opportunity’s

Rimmel- streaked eyes.

NaPoWriMo 2.4: A Lune


Today’s NaPoWriMo prompt is to write a lune – a kind of English language haiku which goes, line by line: three words / five words / three words.

I enjoy the focus of a short verse form – the spaciousness of it. Just as when you cut a poem down, sometimes it gets bigger.

So I fitted an overheard quote I heard a couple of days ago the form, with a cheeky denotative title (with more words than the poem)…


1530 BST: Two School Mothers Conclude Their Retrieval and Investigations in Foggy Conditions


“That plane,” one

laughs. “It’s hiding.” The other:

“Hide and seek.”