NaPoWriMo 27: Tami Is Using Pinterest

All that glitters is not what’s good for the goose.


Feeling experimental today! I have been out running a workshop earlier, so just used the NaPoWriMo prompt to co-write a search-engine poem with my partner.

It is based on the first few words of proverbs and the results they yielded from search engines. We then wrote 5-line stanzas and interlaced them…

Here it is! See if you can guess the two proverbs…


Tami Is Using Pinterest


Tami is using Pinterest

to collect and share

a carefully constructed edifice


in the fourth quarter of last year


Your bespoke daily dose

bankers wedding dresses

a short simple gallery of cakes

sacrosanct motor-

sport rounds up the old body


What is it good for?

Switched at birth might be


at a low price.

Sweetwater and the Satisfaction.


They really believed

giving up the ready-made ghost

a new audience expected

to participate, to take

disco balls and the society

of spectacle.

NaPoWriMo 17: Google Search Suggestions on the Day of Thatcher’s Funeral

Indeed she is not. At least we all have death in common though, eh?

Off-prompt today, but will be writing a Blessing (after Jo Bell’s prompt) and a Welcome Poem (from NaPoWriMo’s prompt) for a thing I’m doing at Hyde Park Picture House next Sunday. Neither seemed quite right today…

For there was a little funeral, as you may have noticed or heard about (I did not want to bless Thatcher’s life or passing, nor welcome the funeral, really – I’m saving those for something else).

So I asked Google to write me a poem about it – taking the list of phrases it suggested after the beginnings of statements I put in, then giving it a title (well, two – like I always do). A kind of found techno-list poem. And the following is what Google wrote (with little or no editing – go do it yourself and check!)…

It’s no secret I’m not a fan of the late-Iron Lady’s politics, but I really didn’t edit this very much – but did ‘curate’ it – so of course I wouldn’t have gone for things that sounded too celebratory. There is little that is ‘neutral’. But I guess the title and search phrases (a bit e e cummings?) were just an experiment in seeing what kind of liturgy the internet would turn up.

Actually, I was pleased it ended on our commonality in death. As a Buddhist teacher friend of mine says about, well, many things: “She who has the most __________ [insert anything here], still dies.”



Google Search Suggestions on the Day of Thatcher’s Funeral

or, How Much / She Brought / What Were / Now / Tomorrow


How much

How much does a funeral cost

How much is my car worth

How much is child benefit


She brought

She brought me food

She brought the house down

She bought it


What were

What were the crusades

What were the jim crow laws

What were the nuremberg laws

What were the symptoms of the black death

What were they like



Now we

Now we are free

Now we know

Now we comply



Tomorrow we

Tomorrow we sail

Tomorrow we ride

Tomorrow we work

Tomorrow we die