Love The Words on ELFM

I went along to ELFM Towers yesterday for a chat with the ever-gracious Peter Spafford on his monthly extravaganza of all things wordy, Love The Words.

You can hear our conversation and my poems (on topics ranging from red kites to exam invigilating and pirate-spiders) by clicking on this link. I hope you enjoy it, or some of it, or even just click on it to find out…

You can also hear an interview on the same programme with excellent Leeds writer Rommi Smith about her residency at the NHS, which is well worth a listen.

‘Open Air’ – Sound Art on BBC Radio 4 by Christian Marclay

This is part of a series of artist’s sound art interventions on Radio 4, called Open Air.

I happened to hear this when it was on and thought it was wonderful and disconcerting moment of radio. It wasn’t introduced or given explanation, it just launched into a disjointed mash-up of Radio 4 voices.

It’s one of the things that I love about Radio 4: it’s ability to stand back, chop up and laugh at what makes it…Radio 4. Have a listen (even if you don’t usually listen to Radio 4, the oddness and artistry shines through!)