Avant-Gardes & Manifestos

From January 23rd, I’ll be hosting a five-week fortnightly course, Letting Your Avant-Garde Down, at Hours here in Bristol.

I’m delighted to be working with The Poetry School, who are a great force for making poetry happen, and bringing people together to discover and delight in the process.

There’s an interview with me here about the course – do come along and we’ll explore together what ‘the avant-garde’ (if there is such a thing) can do for your writing, and what you can bring to the newest, yet-to-be-imagined avant-gardes, too…

Fortuitously, the film Manifesto, starring a chameleonic Cate Blanchett, is out at the moment – I’ll be going to see it next week. Might be a rather marvellous way of introducing oneself to the Ghost of Avant-Gardes Past.

Here’s the trailer:

Manifesto Month

Welcome to January 2011, fellow humans.

H Ren and I, Celeb (another moniker) – who form The Palace of the Gorgeoisie – have declared this first unit of the year as Manifesto Month.

So, we encourage you to begin working on your manifesto and we will all converge at the end of the month to compare notes. This is serious, people – it’s going to shape the whole year…