NaPoWriMo 15: Bloodshot Moons

A blood(shot) moon.


Further poetry catch-up. Here’s my terza rima from Tuesday…From which I learned that terza rima is HARD to make sense and execute elegantly. I’ve done my best!

As you may be able to surmise from the title, it’s about the current tetrad of blood moons – although not in an apocalyptic way – and about eyes.

(If you’re reading this and also wear contact lenses, perhaps the odd experience of looking into your eye and wiggling the plastic retina back and forth (like a little eclipse) to make it more comfortable, may resonate…)


Bloodshot Moons


These hours, when shining faces become slurred

the centre of my eyes are inverse moons:

their two gasping auroras speak the word


water. For midnight here is scorched high-noon,

when plastic sight eclipses. Space is blurred

and my dry lens is a dish for the spoon


of tomorrow morning’s lost ellipses.


NaPoWriMo 2.11: After Anacreon or, Loaf and Whine

After Anacreontics

Hangover evidence…

Day 11: the challenge to write something Anacreon would approve of. Well, I’m not sure how much he wrote about hangovers, as it sounds from reading on him that his work was about wine and love (rather than – as mine is – whining and loafing, the day after).

Still – I’ve kept to (one idea of) Anacreontic verse form of seven syllables to a line and in couplets. Which I don’t claim to make it any classier. Ah well.


After Anacreon

or, Loaf and Whine


Ah the rustic thrill of it:

from my flat-thumbed palm, you lick

the sugared ibuprofen

which last night demands, again.

‘Oh lover wine!’  Whine we friends,

as you whinny from both ends.