NaPoWriMo 12: Want/Need

A magick key (for an inadvertently key-shaped poem)


A quick one this: I don’t often get slushy and when I do, it tends to be short! And this is very much in that vein.

The prompt for the 12th was to write a list of things you would want to say but would never (thereby, of course, saying them) – so this started from there and became a brief love poem of things unsaid:



or, Doors/Keys


I want to say

I didn’t know that before

you, I didn’t realise

there was so much

I didn’t know that

I thought

I couldn’t do. But


you and me,

both glass doors,

both lost keys:

you don’t need

to hear it.

The Vermin Cycle: Adventures in Self-Publishing

The Vermin Cycle eBook Cover

The Vermin Cycle eBook Cover

It’s a new year, a new Mayan era (allegedly) and very much a new start. So, being as we made it through another apocalypse: for 2013, I’ll be starting a new ‘Free-Range’ professional life and spending as much time as possible writing and getting writing ‘out there’.

So to that end: having been sitting on a completed set of poems (that people seem to like) for a while, I thought I’d venture into the unknown realms of self-publishing…

At the moment, I’ve put up a PDF of the work on – which you have to be a member of to view (drat!): – you can search for me as SkylabStories on there.

Or if you’re already an Issuu member, you can hopefully just click through this link:

But I’ll be wrestling with the technicalities (and boy, there are technicalities) of publishing for eBook readers next week. Monday is set aside for a crash course in formatting and HTML. Hold on to your coding-hats, it could be a bumpy ride.

As soon as it’s up, I’ll commence the brazen self-publishing via any means possible. Suggestions gratefully received.