Trunk Career

I like the idea of a ‘Portfolio Career’: something dainty, portable and dynamic…


Less this…

At the moment, though, I’m coining the term ‘Trunk Career’…


More this…

Diversifying doesn’t cover it – and there are no trunk-bearers but me – but it’s all good stuff.

I’ve just started two new writing groups, one with Off The Record Bristol and one for Keystones Mental Health Support. Looking forward to seeing these develop.

Also, I’ve commenced a series of coaching sessions through Creative Industries Finance to develop my  creative writing facilitation with different client groups into a full-time business. So far, it seems it’s going to be immensely useful.

And finally, I’ve been appointed freelance Membership Secretary for Lapidus: The Writing for Wellbeing Organisation – which is a great opportunity to support the organisation’s work and meet like-minded writing practitioners.

I’m also tutoring, and other projects and endeavours are brewing, but I’ll save them for a later post!

What Does Arts Award Mean?

Having had an enquiry about it, I thought it might be useful to post this diagram which explains the Arts Award and what it means in the Qualifications & Credit Framework (QCF).

The Award comes in a few different levels, from ‘un-credited’ (Discover), to Entry Level 3 (Explore), Level 1 (Bronze), Silver (Level 2) and Gold (Level 3).

It’s a very open framework, and a great chance to develop artform understanding, creativity and project skills. I’m accredited to deliver up to Silver level – and this diagram shows what that equates to in the national scheme

I hope it’s useful! Drop me a line here if you’d like any more information.