Who…Am I?

Who Am I?

Well there’s a question. On this page is a gallery of photos of me at work, as well as a biography…

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My name is Caleb and I’m a poet, performer, artist, facilitator and educator, based in Bristol, South-West England.*

So far, my career has encompassed  media production, education, the arts, and their therapeutic/wellbeing applications.

Amongst other things, and in reverse chronological order:

  • I facilitate creative writing groups and workshops (therapeutic or general), in diverse settings (with young people, sheltered accommodation residents, festival-goers, higher education academic researchers, other artists, and more);
  • Until early 2017, I was Membership Secretary for Lapidus: The Writing for Wellbeing Organisation and Conference Manager for the Lapidus Day in May 2016;
  • I work as a freelance artist and project manager, on various projects from participatory cycling events or as one of the lead artists on the current Bristol Approach to Citizen Sensing;
  • I’ve been privileged enough to work in in alternative educational settings (for Kirklees Council and Kids Company) with young people with Social Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties (which led on to my work in the therapeutic application of the arts and creativity);
  • I’ve worked as a Production Co-ordinator for Radio 4 Features Bristol (where  I was lucky enough to work with a rich range of writers and performers on programmes like With Great Pleasure and A Good Read), as well as producing a programme, Feed Me To The Wind  (about which I wrote pieces for BBC News Online and the Guardian);
  • I’ve been involved in the development and production of BBC TV Arts and Social/Cultural History Docs (on programmes like TimeShiftHistory of Now and When Romeo Met Juliet);
  • I’ve worked as a writer for a science publication (International Innovation, for whom I was the reporter at the BioVision World Life Sciences Forum in 2011 – you can read the piece I wrote about it here: Biovision_SpecialReport_Final).

My Literary Family (or ‘Private Ancestors’) might well include: Kurt Vonnegut, Margaret Atwood, Jeanette Winterson, Ray Bradbury, Hilary Mantel, Brett Easton Ellis (well – Glamorama and Lunar Park), H. G. Wells, W. H. Auden, Ted Hughes, Seamus Heaney,  E E Cummings, Ivor Cutler and many more. My writing is engaged with the comic, the gothic, the scientific, the tragic, the trippy and the transcendent.

Do get in touch on the ‘How?’ page if there is anything you would like to ask, talk to me about, invite me to, or explore as an idea – I do love a collaboration or partnership.

* (I’m also, in Anglo-Saxon kennings form, a: film-watcher, poem-reader, word-herder, radio-listener, dog-lover, bike-rider, former-boater, plate-spinner, flag-waver, leaflet-giver, patterned-shirt-wearer, sometimes-dancer, errant-giggler and frequent-chatterer.)


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