NaPoReMo #1: A little support for NaPoWriMo

Just catching up on these: the poems + commentary formula is a really useful way of discovering more about reading and writing poetry…

The Bell Jar

National Poetry Writing Month started in the US, but it belongs to us all now. Lots of you are having a go at writing a poem every day this month. Here once again is my own list of 30 brief prompts to give you a creative prod every day. Click here to see it and (I think) CTRL + click on each link within it, to see the poems I mention.

There’s one tool for writing good poetry that sometimes gets neglected during this month of frenetic writing. To write well, you have to read well. Read wide and deep, read things you don’t like as well as those you do, and ask each poem why it works – or doesn’t.

Every day this month, I’ll post a poem for you to read and think about. There will be classics and brand new poems, comic and tragic, complex and simple…

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