NaPoWriMo 4.20: An Omission in the City

It appears I’m writing more that I might submit elsewhere this year – which makes for a less interesting blog, but a more hopeful prospect of publication…

I wrote something on Tuesday about a ‘gap’ near me, which I pass every day: it’s a square of brick, with a couple of small trees in, which has – for the year we’ve lived here – also had a ragged chair in one corner, and an unplugged TV in the other.

It’s a very strange image (not unlike an art installation), and one which I think many people will walk past without noticing – but that’s the joy of being a poet/writer: noticing is part of your job…

So I’ve written something about it – which contains the phrase ‘an omission in the city’, which feels somehow significant.

That’s all!

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