NaPoWriMo 2.20: Sparse


Caught up! Here’s my take on the shell name, ‘The Sparse Dove’…This one was rather fun to write.




I realise there’s a lot riding

on these delicate feathers,

but what few of you get

 – well, those few that are left –

is how hard it is to remain

this pure, white and pristine

during a global apocalypse.


It’s quite a few furlongs

across the flotsam and jetsam

of what you fondly thought of

as civilisation. (That’s not to mention

those without arks, without wings

this untainted, who floated

a surprising distance.)


There it is, the biggest bit of the buoyant

detritus of sin. No idea where to begin

their journey without destination.

And I’m meant to saunter over

on these tattered scroll wings

to deposit what feels to me

like a while bloody tree.

Just so that you know

you’ve got somewhere to go?


Well it’s that, or my nest.

And that’s close. So close.

Just a light breeze away

in one of the groves.

And they’re quiet. Quite silent,

but for the coo-ing of neighbours,

an occasional flurry of lambs.


No people here. No bickering.

No predators, or preying.

Just us prey. It’d be very easy

to stay. Avoid that murky water.


It’s a very long way over there.

A very long way. 


    1. Hi Barbara,

      I likely found it from an image search and generally when I do so, will check if there is a (c) or permissions, or otherwise link through to someone’s site and duly credit them…Apologies if, in this instance, that didn’t happen, or that there were underlying permissions of which I was not aware.

      Searching for Google images always has this risk, so it’s not an intended infringement, more just a case of trying to finnd something that fitted a post, and which I thought was good, quite quickly.

      Am happy to either remove and replace it, or credit it to you and link it through to your site – let me know which you would prefer.

      Best Wishes 🙂



    2. But hey, it’s good that Googling ‘peace doves’ returns your artwork, and that it’s certainly one of the more striking renderings if the subject!

      As I say, happy to link through to your site or take it off entirely…Out of interest, how did you come across the image on my blog post?

      All the best,



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