NaPoWriMo 2.2: Ekkimu in the Reduced Section

Now 49p.


Today’s NaPoWriMo prompt is to write something based on mythology that isn’t Greek or Roman. On my web-travels, I discovered Ekkimu – who is not very nice: a kind of zombie-vampire (zombpire? vambie? actually, that sounds cute) who feeds on the pain of the living. It’s perhaps even worse than the kind that feeds on blood, or on flesh.

So I wrote a poem as an Ekkimu. It isn’t very nice. But hopefully entertaining. Here it is:


Ekkimu in the Reduced Section

or, Best Before


“The Ekimmu was fearfully dreaded by the Mesopotamian Empire

and was described as a very angry and bitter spirit of a once living human being,

who was unable to find peace.”

From The Witching Hour Society.


She thinks it’s the CCTV that’s watching

aisle 9. I savour the crack of her spine

as she hunches down, for the bright yellow

saplings of the new barcode: lamb chops

were £4.99. Now 49p. It would make

her day. And her night.


So I time it, just right, as the tips

of her sun-dried fingers finally make it

a micron away and let rip my most

massive, boiling and stagnant wind.

Despite her NHS waiting list-crick

she bends, back and away

in raisin-faced dismay.


My second attack: I pierce a clear,

sharp forefinger through the pack –

the lamb’s label – into its pink

and promising flesh. It greens.

Instantly. To the shade

of the fields on which

the little bastard

once gambolled

so disgustingly.


She straightens her glasses, leans back

to scan for the longed-for lamb

and finds it as it really is:

a rotting photograph of the evening

I cannot have. An after-thought

on this empty shelf.


And so I feast.


She’ll return, as she does, same time

tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow.

And I’ll be here: behind the signs until

her shadow is caught

in the revolving door.


My black-yolk eyes hungry,

from within the b’s

of Best Before.

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