Are You Doing NaPoWriMo Too?


Well yes, I am going to try to do National Poetry Writing Month (or NaPoWriMo – click there for more info) again this year.

Last year was challenging, connecting and extremely creative for me – so I am keeping the decks relatively clear to make time to write 30 poems in 30 days during April. There’s a different prompt every day and the idea is just to get something down on paper, whether you share it or not, just to keep flexing and limbering up those poetry muscles of the mind (body, and spirit).

One of the great things about NaPoWriMo is the sense of being part of a real community of poets – a diaspora of people committing to write and to read others’ writing, daily. That community or network is something the last couple of years has really reinforced to me as being vital, in all senses, and very powerful.

So good luck and do get in touch, if you’re reading this and taking on the challenge again – or for the first time.

Solidarity, poetry kin!

One Comment

  1. I do love that word ‘diaspora’ 🙂 I am enjoying NaPoWriMo very much as a reader and contributor for the first time. Thank you so much for sharing. Your blog is very visually pleasing too!


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