Waterstone’s and Rats

On Tuesday, I’ll be reading alongside other LS13 Anthology writers at Waterstone’s in Leeds city centre, from 7pm. It would be lovely to see you there!

And in publication news: one of my Vermin poems – Vermin the Fifth: An Exact Science – is part of an anthology of work on the theme of ‘Otherworldly Mammals’.

You can read it at the following link:


More news soon…


  1. Hi Caleb,

    Unfortunately I won’t be able to attend this reading but very best results – I bet the reaction will be beyond the feral/febrile imaginings of those assembled. What I do need your help with, please is what outlet sells your poetry. I’m guessing it’s impossible to locate on Amazon, so please, please steer me in the direction of your publishing house, agent, book distributor – indeed anyone or anything that can guaranteed that I obtain your poetry and although no-one ever gets to “own” poetry I sure would like to purchase your verses and be their curator, custodian and corraller for a few years hence!

    Please advise on UK sales venues ASAP, as I wouldn’t be slogging out this tweet at 23.00 hours, one-fingered, artistically agnostic and emotionally ambivalent if I weren’t determined to have and to hold your poetry!
    Best wishes,



    1. Hello Nigel,

      Thanks for dropping me a line – the Waterstone’s reading was a few years ago, alas! So even if you were free, you’d need a time-machine 🙂

      At the moment, I’m in anthologies but not my own book. However, since having had my pamphlet shortlisted in The Rialto competition, I’m investigating who might like to publish it – so watch this space!

      Wishing you all the best with artistic agnosticism, etc

      All the best,



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