And finally for NaPoWriMo….

Jo Bell has put the full month of her poetry prompts to download – a great resource! It’ll only be there for a couple of days, though – so get the PDF while you can 🙂

The Bell Jar

Throughout National Poetry Writing Month (an American idea which has self-seeded over here) I’ve been posting prompts on Facebook and Twitter, where I’m @Jo_Bell. I’ve been amazed and delighted by the variety and quality of work that’s come in. It’s been a really wonderful reminder that poetry offers a community and a conversation as well as a private pursuit.

I’ll post some of the best ones here in a while, when I have gathered them and asked for the writers’ permission – but for now I just offer the last prompt of the month.

April 30th – Write about love. Write it true and deep and plain, and as you are feeling it now – whether fresh, or weathered, or lost, or unspeakably painful. Speak it. Write the best poem you ever wrote. 

No pressure. But tell your truth. Here are some examples of poems about different kinds or stages…

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