‘Filing The Poet Laureate’

I’ve been working recently back in well-known broadcasting institution – and wrote this poem based on an occurrence a week or so ago. It’s self-explanatory, I suppose – a tongue-in-cheek but affectionate account of a real office moment.

Should Carol Ann Duffy actually end up reading this, by some fluke of Google (a Floogle?) or somesuch, then I hope you like it (I really do) and please have a further look around at my work…


Filing the Poet Laureate


Dear Commander Duffy,

Having been working recently

in the office of a well-known poetry

programme, you will be pleased

to learn of your re-filing

from ‘Misc D’

to ‘Named D’.


Be aware this was far from a snub:

your languishing miscellaneously

was a long-overdue job and others

– who may remain nameless –

are yet to be upgraded . Lovingly,

we recreated the typewritten label –

in Courier, size 14, bold:


you read now.


We know it’s hardly

a title. A royal-booze crate,

or regal selection. But, as a poet,

we’re sure you’ll appreciate

the attention

to detail.


And so, Carol

– can I call you Carol? –

John(s) Donne and Drinkwater shuffled off

graciously to make space as, swinging

in your own green folder, you

took your rightful and

orderly place.


(c) Caleb Parkin – but please do repost or pass it on 😉

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