Going Rouge: A Fabulous Life, by Me

Just been reading a (fairly crass) satire of ol’ gun-totin’ hockey-playin’ Sarah Palin’s ‘auto’ biography. Let us be in no doubt there must have been significant ghost-writing here – to the extent of the film Poltergeist. He book is built on an Indian burial ground, it’s that ghosty.

Here she is with a gun. She loves guns. For killin’ animals and all.

I think there’s ample scope for a gleefully camp take on it as per my blog entry title. Perhaps with me, or some other willing make-up wearer, as Palin all glammed-up with lots of rouge on, in the style of a Pierre et Gilles photo like these:

And this one:

That’s it – I’m thinking LOTS of glitter, a very, very phallic gun and perhaps a protruding price tag from the bikini she’d be wearing. I’m sure she’d love it in all it’s campery. Fabulous.

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